Confidently proceed to your designer kitchen with our simple process

When Keith is building your kitchen you are going to have him with you every step of the way, from first discussion to the final clean and polish as you admire your new benchtops, cupboards and appliances.

If you would like a hands on approach with someone who listens carefully to what you say and will take your requests seriously then Keith is the bloke you need to speak with.

You can expect that Keith will encourage you to share your ideas about how you want your kitchen laid out based on your experience but you can also be confident that he will have excellent suggestions and knowledge about what hundreds of other designer kitchens look like and how functional they are so that you end up with a kitchen that is a delight to look at and very functional with plenty of benchtop space, appliances within easy reach and room to manoeuvre.

The essence of Keith’s process comes down to four key aspects of your new kitchen construction; discussion, design, construction and installation.


Meet and share your ideas


View your 3D kitchen model


Fabrication of kitchen components


Installation of your new kitchen


From first contact to installation you will be personally assisted by Keith.

There is a methodical and detailed process that Keith follows to ensure that you are completely delighted with your new kitchen.


  • Sit with you in your home, talk about your kitchen, look at kitchen design ideas
  • Together you will work out what to include, approximately how the space will be used and what appliances are needed
  • Any special requirements you might have for ease of access or preference of benchtop positioning is discussed
  • Review samples of benchtop materials and colours to decide on the visual appeal of your kitchen
  • If you are selecting new appliances you may be doing this now, with Keith if you wish in a kitchen showroom
Design and Planning
  • Keith will design your kitchen as a 3D model
  • You will receive an email of 3D images of your kitchen
  • If you have changes or ideas you can discuss them with Keith
  • Any changes that are agreed to Keith will make to the designs
  • You will receive a updated 3D model pictures via email
  • Once you are both in agreement then you will receive a quote via email
  • At this time the colours are finalised, a check and measure
  • For a complex kitchen you may have a followup meeting with Keith to review the plans
  • The components of your kitchen are then constructed
  • Keith will be ordering parts like the handles you selected and the doors you chose
  • Your kitchen will be assembled in parts in Keith’s workshop to make sure everything fits together
  • Throughout this process Keith will be reviewing the plans, thinking about what you said and ensuring it is all to your requirements
  • Assembly normally takes around 4 – 6 weeks
  • Once the components are all ready then your kitchen will be installed and fitted without benchtops
  • Any electrical work and appliance installation is done at this point by a qualified electrician
  • Your kitchen is then cleaned of any building debris and surfaces are dusted down
  • The precise measurement of your benchtops is then made and the order for them placed
  • Within the following 1 – 2 weeks your benchtops will be fabricated, delivered and installed
  • During the following two weeks the glass splashbacks are installed and the final inspection and clean completed
After it is all completed you can admire your new kitchen, Keith will take some photos so that he can show of your kitchen to future clients and you can carry on with your life and cooking.